Monday, March 3, 2014

EHSQ Results

Congratulations to all seven of our skiers that participated in the EHSQ race at Sugarloaf.  Every one of our skiers that raced either qualified for the team or qualified as an alternate.  Samantha, Carlin, Forrest and Graham will be traveling to Vermont March 14-16 as part of the Maine Team and skiing in the Eastern High School Championships.  Well done everyone!

A very special thank you to John Tarling for going above and beyond the call of duty, coming to Sugarloaf to wax for and support our skiers.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

John's Season Wrap-up

With such a winter feel today it is hard to believe the HS ski year has ended.  It is great that we have a number of racers participating at the J2 Festival and the EHS Q and Championships.  This year has been unique with the early and consistent snow.  Despite a few warm ups, we never had a long interruption and successfully completed all the scheduled races.  A big thank you to the school community and parents for all the support during the season at the races and the Christmas camp.  The team exceeded my expectation thanks to all the hard work and focus through the year.

A few highlights from the results sheets are Samantha winning the Classic race at Class C Championship, after finishing as runner-up at both WMC championship races. Forrest and Graham also both earned a podium finish at the State Championships.  The team had a very strong result at the WMC Championships, with the Boys' team 2nd and the Girls' team 3rd.  The team also is well represented on the WMC ALL Conference Team by Samantha, Fiona A., Forrest, Graham and Tucker, with John not far off ranked in 14th.

The State races this year were at historic Black Mountain and the team successfully defended both the Boys and Girls titles.  For the girls, it is the fourth year running as State Championships!  Congratulations to Carlin and Lily - their four titles may be matched but not surpassed. The Boys' team this year was very strong and deep.  Unfortunately this year our two freshman ended up as alternates for the State races.  Davis and Dylan would have been solid scorers on most other teams, but had to settle for wax testers in Rumford.  Thanks to their efforts we were able to find the best wax combination, so they really contributed to the team win.  Lars and Zach were solid at the State races, with Zach scoring two top 10 results and Lars two top 20 finishes. The Girls' season looked to be in for a major rebuild after graduating three strong seniors last year, however due to the hard work and determination of Samantha, Fiona A., Carlin and Lily, all had very strong results all year, and newcomers Fiona C-D, Fiona L., Emma all had strong days while dealing with injuries and illness.

A fond thank you to our three special seniors - John, Carlin and Lily lead by example throughout the season and are responsible for building a strong and balanced team.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Eastern High School Qualifier

The Maine Eastern High School Selection race is this Sunday at Sugarloaf.  Information has been posted on, so take a look there to see information about:
  • This race.
  • How to register for this qualifier race.
  • Eastern High Schools on March 14-16.
Since the regular high school ski season is over, anyone participating in this race is doing so on their own, so make sure you register, arrange your own transportation, etc.

John Tarling says he is intending on attending this race and is happy to help wax, however it would be good to let him know how many to expect.  Be sure and let Susan know if you will be participating in this race and she will let John know.

Good luck to all!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Class C State Champions!!!

Girls and Boys both finished first!!!

Check out the Race Results tab for detailed race results.  Awesome skiing everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Update

We had a great day of skiing today, followed by board games, food and Olympics.

Slight change of plans for Thursday afternoon ...
After awards at Black Mt, we will NOT be returning to our rental house and will instead head right to Freeport.  That will most likely put us back in Freeport around 3:00.

Check out the Race Results tab to see how well our team skied today!!!

It's been a good day :-)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We have arrived!

After a nice snowy ski at Black Mt, we have arrived safe and sound at our rental house.  Kids are happily playing pool and ping pong, there's a fire in the fireplace, and dinner prep is happening!  Hope to see many of you tomorrow for the classic race!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

States Information

Black Mt – Here we come!

Here’s everything to know about this week’s trip to Black Mt for States …

Wednesday, February 19 - Classic Race
Girls Start - 1:30 PM
Boys Start - 3:00 PM

Thursday, February 20 - Skate Race (note updated race times)
Girls Start – 10:00 AM
Boys Start – 11:30 AM
Awards to follow

Leaving –
Arrive at Desert Rd by 12:45 on Tuesday, February 16.  Driving away at 1:00.
Returning –
After Awards on Thursday, we will return to the rental house to pack up, then head home.  We will probably arrive by dinner time, but depending on timing, we may opt to stop for dinner on the way home.
Be sure to let Susan know if you will not be riding the van either to or from this trip.

Everyone should come on Tuesday either having eaten lunch or bring lunch for the ride.

Everyone should bring their own stash of bars, etc. to eat when they want.

We would like 4-5 families to send along cookies, brownies, etc. for desserts and snacks.  Please let Susan know if you will be sending along a treat.

All other food will be just like Christmas Camp – organized by the chaperones.

We are renting a house in Bryant Pond.  All skiers will be in a bed (some twins, some shared doubles).  Everyone should bring a sleeping bag, as it's too much to wash sheets for 20.

There is a phone at the house for incoming calls only.  The number is 207-665-2918.

·      - Check the Wax Info tab for wax information.  Be sure you’ve waxed your race skis.
·      - When we leave on Tuesday we will go directly to Black Mt for an afternoon classic ski.  Make sure you have your warm-up classic skis waxed and ready to go for this practice.

What to Bring:
Lunch/snack for Tuesday
Sleeping bag
Water bottle
Your dessert contribution (4-5 families)
Warm clothing (layers!) - including hat, mittens, race gloves, etc.
Ski clothes
House clothes
ALL classic and skate skis/boots/poles
Basic wax equipment
· Scraper
· Cork
· Small amounts of kick wax and glide wax


Families will be billed for the cost of the rental house and food.

Other Info:
On Tuesday, we will ski upon arrival, before heading to the house, so everyone should:
·  Come dressed in your ski gear
·  Bring a lunch/snack to eat in the van
·  Keep your CLASSIC boots/skis/poles handy
·  Have your water bottle-belt handy
Other things to remember:
·  Wax skis
·  Check the packing list one last time!