Friday, January 16, 2015

Expected logistics for Monday's race at Stark's Hill

See Race Schedule tab for specific race details.

Transportation - Two vans will be headed from Desert Rd to Fryeburg and back.  At this point, we expect to depart Desert Rd around 8:00 a.m. and return around 3:00-3:15ish.  Skiers can call home from the road when a more exact return time is known.

We are expecting all skiers to ride on the van unless they tell Susan they have their own ride.  Having your own ride is fine, but you need to let Susan know (send email to

Be sure to check the blog on Sunday evening in case anything has changed regarding transportation or race info.

As everyone hopefully knows by now, Stark's has porta-potties but no indoor facilities.  Skiers and spectators should come well prepared for spending 4 hours outside, bringing warm clothes, water and food.  Folks that want to sit may want to bring a foldable chair.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Merriconeag Hosts WMC Race on Wednesday!

Hope everyone can come out to Pineland (Oak Hill section) on Wednesday afternoon (January 14) when Merriconeag hosts the weekly WMC race.  Other teams include Yarmouth, Falmouth, Freeport and Scarborough.  Come cheer on all the skiers!

Clarification of start times for races

So that everyone is clear on the start times of the weekly races, for this week and for Wednesday, January 28, the BOYS will start at 3:30 and the GIRLS will start shortly after the last boy starts off.  This means the girls will start before 4:00.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Early season note from John

The team had a very productive four day ski camp after Christmas in Rangeley.  Thanks to the Pierce family and Pat Phillips for hosting.  Also a thanks to all the families for support with food and transportation and to Jason for helping out coaching.  Although the conditions were not as good as last year, the trails were good enough that we were able to get in plenty of skiing and finished off the camp with a time trial that got the team ready to start the racing part of the season.

We traveled to Bethel on Saturday at the end of vacation week and competed in the Telstar Relay. This year the course was moved to the Gould Academy Trails and, thanks to lots of work by the host, they were able to provide a challenging course.  Due to caution Samantha sat out the race to rest an injury.  This provided Olivia the chance to ski in the A heat with the first team.  She, along with Fiona A., Graham and Forrest, posted the fastest time of the day.  Our second A wave team of Tucker, Nick, Fiona L. and Louise were a strong 10th out of 34 teams.  Zack had the fastest time in the individual race, and Eli and Jannis also had strong results in their first high school races (for Jannis I believe it was his first  race ever!).

The team contested our first WMC race on 1-7-15 against the strongest teams in the conference, Yarmouth and Falmouth, as well as Fryeburg.  Due to first race organizational snafus, Fiona A. and Samantha were late to the start.  Sam was able to ski right on in the nick of time to her appointed spot and won the race.  Fiona was slotted in at the end of the race but it appears the timers failed to give a finish - too bad as she did ski a hard effort.  Olivia skied a great first WMC race and finished 4th, Louise and Fiona L. rounded out the girls scoring.  The boys had a great race as Forrest, Tucker and Zach went 2,3,4 and Eli finished 12th.  The boys were one point back of Falmouth for a 2nd place team score.  Congratulations to Olivia, Louise and Calla for their first WMC races, to Thomas for his first WMC race wearing the MWS colors, and to all the skiers for their fine efforts, regardless of whether or not they were scorers for the team.

Merriconeag will host a WMC race Wednesday 1-14-15 at Pineland - come out and cheer the team on!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Race tomorrow at Pineland

The race is on for tomorrow, January 7, at the Oak Hill area of Pineland.  Boys start first at 3:30.  There will be another high school race taking place at Pineland at the same time over near the Y, so don't get confused and go to the wrong race.

Remember that we do not provide late van service back to Desert Rd after a nearby race such as this.  Anyone having problems finding a ride for after the race should contact Susan asap, and we'll work to figure something out.

Check the Wax Info tab for race wax information.

Go team!

Friday, January 2, 2015

More Telstar Info

Telstar is on for tomorrow, Saturday, January 3, and we have 14 skiers planning to race.  A few things to know about this race ...

1.  The venue has changed from the usual Telstar High School location.  CLICK HERE for new venue info.

2.  There are no indoor facilities at this new location, so everyone should bring plenty of warm clothes, food and water.  There will be porta-potties.

3.  There is no spectator parking at this location.  Click on the link in #1 (above) for shuttle info, as well as checking here: CLICK HERE for parking and shuttle info.

4.  Race times are shown below.  We expect to have skiers in all three races.
11:00 - A Relay wave
12:00 - B Relay wave
1:00 - Individual waves

5.  Transportation - There will be two vans going to this race, departing from Desert Rd at 8:00.  All skiers should be on the van unless they have let Susan know they have alternate transportation plans.  We expect there may be a few extra seats on the vans, so if a parent wants a ride, please contact Susan today to check if there's room.  Anyone finding their own transportation should plan to be at the race site before 10:00.

6.  Wax - Wax recommendation can be found under the Wax Info tab on the blog.

7.  Start lists - CLICK HERE for start lists

Monday, December 29, 2014

Telstar Info

A couple things to know about the upcoming race at Telstar this coming Saturday, January 3.  Because of the less-than-optimal snow conditions, the venue has changed to Gould Academy in Bethel.  Click on the link below for info about location, parking, etc.

Also, we have 15 skiers signed up for this race.   We are expecting all skiers to ride the van unless they let Susan know (via email to by Friday morning that they will be finding their own ride there.

More info to follow about van departure time.